Major New England steel service center chooses Connecticut Crane for bay expansion

UPLOADED: 6/4/2015

When a major New England steel service center needed two large cranes for a new outdoor crane bay, and needed them delivered and installed in 5 months or less, they turned to Connecticut Crane and its parent company, Mass Crane.


  • 15 Ton Capacity
  • 105'-0" Span
  • 2-Event Laser Actuated Anti-Collision systems between cranes
  • Windmill-Type single event bridge slow down limits
  • CMAA Class "D"
  • Welded Box Girders
  • Full Length Service Platform
  • 400 Watt Crane Lights
  • Space Heaters on all Motors and Enclosures
  • "Belly Box" style radio remote controls
  • Outdoor rated Enclosures and Weather Covers
  • Two 7-1/2 Ton Hoists per crane
    • Outdoor Rated with Rain Shields
    • AC Shoe Brake
    • Redundant Load Limiting Devices
    • 1/2 Depth Drum Grooving
    • Two Part Double Reeved with 7/16" Wire Rope
    • Upper and Lower Geared limits and Redundant Paddle Limit
    • Space Heaters on all Motors and Enclosures
    • Full Decked Hoists


1. Mass Crane and Hoist fabricates its own box girders in its 20,000 sq-ft fabrication facility in Tyngsboro MA.

2. These girders were 2 foot wide by 5 foot tall by 105 foot long and take approximately two weeks per girder to build.

3. The girders alone would take 2 months to fabricate, and occupy the majority of Mass Crane's shop.

4. Component lead times were 8-12 weeks ARO, giving Mass Crane only 2 months to build, paint, wire, test, and install both cranes.


Through multi-phase coordination and overlap scheduling, fabrication on the first girder began a short 8 weeks after receipt of the order. Mass Crane leased auxiliary fabrication space and moved its previously scheduled fabrication work off-site for the duration of the job. Crane #1 was delivered and installed 15 weeks after the order date. Crane #2 was delivered and installed 19 weeks after the order date, days before the deadline. The two cranes are currently in service at the steel service center and a valuable addition to their fleet.